Is this Normal Behaviour

  1. is this Normal Behaviour..!!

    okay here is something i want to ask you guys,,,,
    yesterday i had some kind of unique experience ..
    yesterday someone called me and asked me who i was...and then started calling nasty names,abusing very vulgarly and threatening me....i didn't had even an trace of idea who it was...he kept on going for around 2o minutes and i kept on listening seeing how much his abusive database was but thinking who that guy was...:grumpy:
    the guy sounded to me like a kind of anti social person ...

    So i found out it was friend of one of my close friend...and my friend previously denied that he didn't do that but finally accepted that he did it just for plain fun..

    i don't know what should i think of my Friend,,is this kind of normal behaviour...or is he really me Friend??
    i don't know ,how should i behave with him...but one thing for sure he has lost my trust..
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  3. So you got a dumb prank call from a friend. Why didn't you hang up? Why did you stay on the phone for 20 minutes?
  4. Lisa!

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    Listening to people's insults on phone is amuzing! You learn lots of new words.:blushing:
  5. And today what happened,,i met my Friend..and a ferocious fight broke between us,,college guys jumped to stop the fight..
    Actually that guy was more physically built and more in height..and he took it for granted that he can beat me..but i got some severe injuries,,actually bood came out of my teeth but i managed to give him some blows ,,i didn't cared how much blows i got but i really was in a very furious mood..first time in my life i fought so seriously..

    After 2 hours ,,he did sms to me telling that it was all his fault and he wanted to remain friend and said sorry but i haven't replied...i don't know whether i would like to talk him again
  6. Normal.... NO! How old is this guy? This kind of thing happened to me once in the third grade (minus blood coming out of teeth), but afterwards, even the kids that ate glue were past this phase. Does this guy have a history of mental illness (or perhaps an affinity for glue)?
  7. Astronuc

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    This is not normal behavior, especially among friends.

    Ultimately it is up to one to determine with whom one is friends.

    I am sorry to hear that both become involved in a fight! :frown:
  8. Actually this guy is 2 years elder to me,,and he is a kind of guy who always wants to remain in he always roams with 4-5 guys always with him and pretty egoistic and tells lies and can make fun of anybody for his own purpose..he tries to dominate the guys with his body...

    and actually it was he who did all the things and the first one to start the fight..i actually dont care if i am beaten but i wont miss the second chance of entering with him fight ,if he does this kind of thing..
  9. Astronuc

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    Well - that does not sound like friendly behvavior.

    Please do not fight.
  10. i ask you Astronuc,,what should i do?

    What would you do if you had no mistake and someone did similar have muscles and seem pretty powerful, i am pretty sure you will always have advatage during a fight/.
  11. Moonbear

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    It doesn't sound normal to call and yell and swear at someone who is supposedly a friend for 20 min. It also doesn't sound normal to stay on the phone and listen to it...why on earth didn't you just hang up when it started?! Even if he thought it was a funny joke and just kept going because he was surprised you didn't just hang up (that's may have carried on because he started finding it too funny that you were actually putting up with it and not hanging up on him), it's not a reason to pick a physical fight. Children may get into physical toussles with their friends, but teens and adults shouldn't. If someone is picking fights that leaves you hurt and bleeding for no reason, or just over a joke, they are not a friend. Actually, if they are doing or saying something that makes you feel so angry that you even feel the urge to get into a physical fight with them, they are no friend. That's not to say friends don't sometimes say things that make each other mad, but if the urge to hit them over it is lasting more than a minute or so, then you either have a serious anger management problem, or there is no friendship.
  12. Moonbear

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    The strongest man in a fight is the one who has the maturity to walk away from it.
  13. but how to handle such guys who try to act authoritarian,,,,,like if someone is coming to you all hotted up,,should i remain cool....i really wouldn't like to digest his beaviour if he tries to act like Bond..

    Actually the point is that if i would complain to higher authority..he surely will get expelled and so too i will have chances of being expelled..
  14. Astronuc

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    I think it best to avoid the person. You already won one fight, there need not be another. I hope this person does not seek another.

    I observe nonviolence. Along time ago, I injured someone in a fit of rage. I could have easily killed him, and he has subsequently had surgery to repair damaged vertebrae. At the time, I was not as strong as I am now. Since that event, I made a conscious effort to avoid violent confrontation.
  15. if circumstances aren't that allow you to walk away..
  16. Astronuc

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    Yes. This is the best policy.
  17. :surprised :surprised

    i got serious injuries..and he didn't got anything much..
  18. Astronuc

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    Sorry, I misread your post.

    It is best to avoid fighting.

    Meanwhile - work to perfect oneself.
  19. okay here is a case,,may be that doesn't have relation to this...

    its an accidentally mid of night,,
    suppose one guy is along with her girl friend and 4 giant people appear in the way and they say that you can go leaving what should the guy do?
  20. Lisa!

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    The guy shouldn't go out with his gf at mid night especially if it's not a crowded place...
  21. i am telling a case Lisa,,who knows what can the situation be..
    ,,,,just assume this happened and believe me such case do happens ,,
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