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Is this normal?

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    I excelled in academics when I was a student. I am good in everything my mind is concerned. I'm pretty much interested with quantum physics, astronomy, electronics and mathematics. I also want to invent things. If I think I can do something, my mind is saying that I will absolutely can do that. But the thing is, whenever I start something or plan to start something... it makes me go anxious. It feels like I'm afraid because my personality might change if I'm gonna focus on one thing. I'm a cheerful person for my friends though serious at some times, but that's quite often to see. Is it normal to feel this way? I mean.. it's fear. And it's stopping me to do what I think I should be doing..
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    An internet forum really isn't a good place to get help with such issues. I suggest you seek professional help in digging into the root causes of your behavior.
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    Agree with phinds, you need professional help, I'd go to psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse, even better, they can prescribe you meds that can help you at a fraction of the cost of a psychiatrist.
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