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Is this paper correct?

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    It includes differential equations for Schwarzschild and Painleve coordinates:

    Effects of general relativity in the motion of minor planets and comets
    G. Sitarski,
    Acta Astronomica (ISSN 0001-5237), vol. 33, no. 2, 1983, p. 295-304

    The Schwarzschild differential equation is:

    [tex]\ddot{\vec{r}} = -\frac{\vec{r}}{r^3} +\vec{r}\left(

    For Painleve, the paper gives:

    [tex]\ddot{\vec{r}} = -k^2\frac{\vec{r}}{r^3}\left(1 + 3\vec{r}\cdot\vec{r} - 6\dot{r}^2\right)[/tex]

    [edit]Of course I see now that they took a first order approximation of the true Schwarzschild metric. There should be factors of (r-2) in the denominators.[/edit]

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