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Is This posibil

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    Is it posable to for one to Travel through time
    my means of spin wave fields
    and have the person or object become Larger
    than original size
    i Believe it might be posable if we stretch the mass
    ie the "From field" Smaller that "To Field"
    but it might take more than that
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    this is pure speculation. To the best of my knowledge there is not shred of evidence to back up a your thoughts.
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    Integral, the OP is a poem,

    read by the author.


    .....do they need?

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    The more I read it, the more this is my favorite post ever - for reasons the author would probalby disaprove of.
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    If every crackpot and confused soul
    posted his thoughts with words in time
    Theory Development would forever be
    easier, and more fun to read.
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