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Is this possible?

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    I hope this question isn't too lame for this forum.:!!)
    If Earth is the only known planet with the probable condition for life existance, is it possible for a cup of milk to form yeast after several weeks when you placed it on the surface of other planets in our solar system, such as Mars, Mercury, or even the moon?
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    Sounds like a biology query to me.
    However, it's important to stress that Earth is the only known planet capable of developing earthlike life. We just don't know enough about alternate chemistries to say that's it.
    To answer the second part of the question (since it makes no sense as a whole), yeast would never survive on any of the planets we know about.
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    You question is a bit vague so I'm going to place some assumptions on it. Let me know if I've assumed incorrectly.

    1] The milk has been pasteurized to eliminate ALL existing bacteria (which would be consdiered a contamination of the experiment).
    2] The milk is contained in such a way that it does not evaporate into vacuum, boil, freeze or get so irradiated that any possible life would be wiped out before it began.

    With those assumptions in place, the answer is, still, no. Life would not spontaneously generate from the building blocks of milk.

    However, there are still the building blocks of life in there: sugars, amino acids, enzymes. If we had an ocean of milk (to provide diversity and nutrients), and the right conditions, and a few million years, it is conceivable that some form of rudimentary life might be able to form.
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    If you want to eliminate ALL existing bacteria I suggest to sterilize instead of pasteurize the milk.
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    Ok. Thanks :) that's all I need to know.
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