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Is this possible?

  1. Oct 2, 2012 #1
    so lets say that i take and electromagnet and a magnet. i connect them to a position where if i turn on the power they will repel each other(the magnet is on top and is connected to the bottom electromagnet). my question: will it levitate when i switch the power on and increasing and deacreasing the flow to the electromagnet? imagine that theres enough electricity flowing to the electromagnet to repel the whole device weight. im not sure youll understand this question but if you dont, its okay :p.
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    Why not just DO it and find out?
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    because i dont have the materials.
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    well its very cheap and easy to make an electro moagnet
    ... say 100ft of 20swg of enamelled copper wire, a piece of iron for the core say 4 inches long and 1 inch diameter approx ( not critical) and a power supply that can supply say ~ 12VDC at ~ 5Amps max

    and many hobby shops will sell permanent magnets

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    You will need to secure the levitating magnet or electromagnet to a pole to keep it in a stable position, but yes it will levitate if the magnets are strong enough. You can do this experiment with 2 permanent magnets that are ring shaped. Stick them onto a rod or something that will hold them in position with like sides facing each other. Cheap and easy.
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    See also youtube.
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    thank you all for your very good answers :)
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