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Homework Help: Is this problem done properly?

  1. Sep 21, 2009 #1
    At a circus animal training facility, a monkey rides a miniature motorscooter at a speed of 7.0 m/s. The monkey and scooter together have a mass of 32 kg. Meanwhile, a chimpanzee on roller skates with a total mass of 44 kg moves at a speed of 1.5 meters per second. The magnitude of the momentum of the monkey plus scooter is how many times the magnitude of the momentum of the chimpanzee plus skates?

    Monkey/scooter=P=(32 kg)(7.0 m/s)=224

    Chimp/rollers= (44kg)(1.5 m/s)= 66

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    Still need some input on this please?
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    Doc Al

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    Looks good to me.
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