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Is this question right?

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    i have this queston to do which says..

    *)A particle moves in a elliptic orbit under the influence of a central force F= -k/r^2.Prove that the product of the maximim and minimum speeds is equal to [2 pi a/t]^2 where 'a' is the semi major axis of the ellipse and 't' is the period of its motion..

    Dont u think it should be the semi minor axis 'b' instead of the semi major axis 'a'..in the question..because im getting the former as the right answer..
    please help!!
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    wow. i have the exact same problem.
    you can express the 'right answer' in terms of b
    [tex] ( \frac{2 \pi a} { \tau } )^2 [/tex] eqs 1
    [tex] \tau = \frac{2 A} {l} [/tex] eqs 2
    where A is the area of an ellipse and is given by ╥ab
    substituting 2 into 1 gives:
    [tex] ( \frac{2 \pi a} { \tau } )^2 = \frac{l^2} {b^2} [/tex]
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