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Is this real?

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    [link deleted. See next post]

    If anyone can find a better link, that'd be great.
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    Looks very realistic.

    Here is the full video:

    In this one you can clearly tell its fake.
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    You think? It doesn't 'clearly' look fake to me at all. Though the last few seconds might have been faked...possibly.
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    It's obviously a fake, I don't know why you would think this video is at all reputable...
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    Oh come on. This is like Monty Python black knight fake.
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    Is this???

    What is this critter, possibly???


    Around the time I saw "Montauk monster" I saw another creature online, resembling...well resembling nothing, but it had something of a pigs snout, and was very erie looking, made me consider whether there might be some strange experimental island out there, making pig men...after all. Like in certain movies of old such as Island of Doctor Morrow?

    hmmm...found it~

    someone comments that it is a normal dog that got it's snout ripped off...perhaps so?
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