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Is this soliton ?

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    Code (Text):

    \beta_{\mu},\:\xi_{_{g}}},\:\xi_{_{T}},\:\xi_{_{S}}\rightarrow constant
    Is this f_{\mu} soliton ?
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    I don't think many people will be able to help if you are not gonna try to be a bit more clear. Elaborate on the context surrounding your question, please. Whithin what course are you seeing this ?

    As far as i remember, you acquire a soliton solution (in 2+1 dimensional QFT) if your solution gives you a constant value at infinity (both + and - infinities) and if in between, there is a continuous evolution from the "minus-infinity constant" towards the "+ infinity constant". Both constants are equal in magnitude but have opposite signs and they correspond to the socalled "vacuum value" (degenerate lowest energy value).

    Here's more

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    Thanks Marlon! Good link. :biggrin:
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