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Is this still PHYSICS FORUMS?

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    is this still PHYSICS FORUMS?!!

    hi guys its been a long time since i hanged around PF and to today i just came by to see how is it going here but i found a complete diffrent site!!
    i know that greg is devloping the site but this way, he is going in a wrong way ,,, i mean there is not that much useres for all this forums and a lot of moderators "i think this is bad"
    thats what i got for now :smile: i don't have a lot of time i will try to come later ... maybe next year :wink:
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    As a new user I have to disagree.. I came here via google to get the answer to a problem and have found this site to be well run, with excellent help from regular users.

    Yes there are many different forums here, some used only a little, but from small acorns do the mighty oaks grow....

    Also, according to a recent posting, the numbers of people joining up now are increasing at a fast rate - very fast. No doubt the PF has changed, but it seems in pretty good shape to me - stay around for a while... you might find it is better than you remembered! :smile:
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    MS who?
  5. Nov 8, 2003 #4

    haha that was magical
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    How can having a lot of mentors be a bad thing? These are all dedicated to answering or at least guiding the correct answers
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    Remember this is 'MS who' that we are talking about. He very rarely had any idea what he was talking about anyway.
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    jimmy p

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    maybe he is jealous because he isnt a mentor...
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    I like the 'i will try to come later ...'

    He makes it sound like it's a chore being here.

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    MSI: Don't let your initial feelings dominate. Give it a little time, and it works out pretty well.

    To the uninitiated: MSI is a pretty long time member dating back from PF2....
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    guys told me about what have been written here
    first thanks FZ for what you said
    second i am sorry greg .. may be i was kind of mean in my post but that is because of my weakness in english...... you know ;)
    third thanks Adrian Baker for what u said i think your kind of right but how ever when i have the chance i will check PF even if it was the worst forum on net :)
    fourth ANDY i think you should go to the first class and learn how to respect people
    fifth : yes i will be back next year but also not as i was in PF 2 i will be in england next year studying MA degree and now i am working on my graduation projects so i am busy and don't usually connect to net

    well what i really ment was that greg musn't have add all this forums at the same time he must upgrade step by step.

    i hope i am not confusing

  12. Nov 13, 2003 #11
    Hello MSI,
    I hope all is going well with you. I wasn't surprised you found the place to be quite different (and possibly to your dissatisfaction), although the complaint of too many moderators threw me a little.
  13. Nov 14, 2003 #12
    Firstly, i have respect for everyone, even those who i dont like. and B you have never made any sense in any of your posts before anyway so the point that i was origionally making was not to expect your first post to make any sense.
  14. Nov 14, 2003 #13

    jimmy p

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    Lol this is getting confusing...who is not making sense any more
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