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Is this the right way?

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    I am trying to make an mathmatical equation which can calculate the length of the wire, which is wounded around a a horseshoe electromagnet.

    The horseshoe magnet is 4.1 cm long, and 3.8 mm thick.
    The thickness of the wire is 0.130mm

    I know that the electromagnet need 1600 windings
    Which mean that on each layer there can be 4.1/0.0130 = 315.385 winding.

    Which means that for eachs 315.385 winding must the Diameter become 0.130mm thicker.. right?

    So the equation must be
    (3.8+0.0130*n*315.385) + rest

    Where n is the numbers {n,0,5}

    Would this equation also be true if the wire isn't uniformly wounded?
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    I agree with the every 315.385 winding calculation in principle, but I'm not sure if the .385 portion is really meaningful. You need to figure out how long the wound up wire is, which is slightly more than doing 315.385 circles around the magnet because you're moving along the magnet slowly as well (you can figure out how fast it moves up the magnet). In particular this is a function of how thick the magnet is and how thick the wire is. You know there are going to be 1600 windings so there are going to be 1600/315 = 5+ a little extra layers.

    At this point, for each additional layer to find out how much wire is used to put down the wire, you need to use the thickness of the new layer.

    If the wire is not uniformly wound, how are you envisioning it being wound around the magnet?
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    I would think that the rest is the most inportant, since it is the thickest layer, and therefor will length of the wire be greatest here..
    What i mean about not being uniformly is that after the first layer, the windings will not be stacked nicely as it was during the first round, mostly because some areas are easier to wind that others, which makes each layer will not be stacked above each one, I assume most of them must cross the previuos layer line..

    One thing it certain.. the windings number is constant..
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