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Is this the top ?

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    If you were a physicist studying the structure of space-time, and, by "chance", you found a law about this, would you like to be called a

    space-time lawmaker ??
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    I don't think that's the kind of law that you can make, or even enforce for that matter. Discovery is pretty much all you can accomplish. :tongue:
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    sorry, i read just the title the first time, and it was funny, cause you were at the top of the thread list cause it was newest... then danger posted and you're at the top again... and now me... so yes, right now, this is the top!
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    Just a mere Physics Legislator, I think.
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    First-man will suffice.
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    Yes, because in German, it is often said : "diese sind Gesetze der Natur"..."the laws of nature"...but I didn't know that in english it was also usage to say : "law giver"...(remark that there is no financial aspect here)
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    Perhaps in this sort of instance it would be better to be a law-breaker than law-maker?
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    This is exactly the problem of "new science"...when are you allowed to say : this is true, but the old theory is wrong...and are you sure it is not esoterical stuff...Because I read the Decision of the Inquiry Comittee about the case Jan Hendrik Schoen, and one of the point was : "Does not use known physics"....I tried to asked them where they had access to a global database of "known physics"...but the responsible answered by the question "is this urgent.? if yes ask that other guy..."...I suppose he was in vacation...
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