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Is this true or I am just lucky?

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    After passing by some threads on Yahoo sections, I don't have the common sense until yesterday to really read what is actually going on with Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and AIM.

    I know it's true where there is some kind of worm where it sends the user or something like that with a link and in that link, correct me if I am wrong but in that link it gives the user the info to the account such as the password?

    Is it that I am lucky and people on my list did not "crack" me? Or could it actually be they didn't get my password yet?

    I think they got it but they did not access my account yet? Why do I think they got it? Well it's going really strange. The people normally talk to me especially this one guy he everyone is blowing me off. Possibly making a plan? Does anyone use Yahoo, MSN, ICQ or even AIM? I use Yahoo and AIM the most but when I restart my computer or something, I do have all of them messengers start.
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    I don't quite understand what you are talking about. The worm, virus, whatever, sends the person who sent you the link your user name and password?
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