Is this true or this is a stupid question?

  1. Do many men just look for looks in women first and then see if they have anything else in common? Is it the same for women?

    What about YOU?
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    Most more like it. Although I think half the time most guys don't care if they have anything in common with the girl, unless that "in common" involves kinky outfits and whips. hawt.
  4. The first thing that anyone who isn't visually impaired will notice about anyone else is the way they look. It is the initial thing that attracts us to people.
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    As a female, I can tell you what you get if your online dating site does not have a photo.

  6. Picture's worth 1,000 words.
  7. I, as a female, think that looks play a small role, but mostly it's the personality and connection I have with the man that means the most.
  8. So what exactly is "connection"?
  9. A spark, the it factor
  10. The "it factor"? I can see we're just going to go in circles here.
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    That could be a sign that there is a connection.
  12. First if they love dogs and then looks :biggrin:.
  13. I think looks is more than external appearance.

    If I saw a woman with the body of a model but couldn't walk straight, or her hands would shake while talking, she wouldn't really "look" good to me and maybe most men.

    If I saw a woman with the body of a model and her every move was as elegant as a dancer's and when she started to talk she would talk about conspiracy theories or something completely crazy like alien abductions or about trivial things like the next top model/some soap opera, she would not "look" good to me either and maybe most (I want to believe) men.

    So "good looks" is not only external beauty, but a combination of factors, namely physical appearance, movement and immediate character traits. These are also the first things to be noticed by people and it should go for both men and women. At first, this is the only information you have about someone.
  15. I say attraction has to be there, however it is not everything. If you see an attractive woman and find out that she has a hobby or does something that is also in your interest obviously one would be tempted to talk to her and get to know her more.
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    If we're talking about attraction, it's usually about [itex]\frac{GMm}{r^2}[/itex].
  17. Are you attracted to massive women?
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    Hint: all my posts to this subforum are me being a smart-***.
  19. He would actually be more repelled by massive women, since he forget the negative sign.
  20. Oh you guys...
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