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Is this true?

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    The school taht you go to get your graduate matters more than the school you go to get your undergrad.
    I'm going to start my undergraduate at Texas A&M this Fall. It's not a very prestigious college, but it's close to home and I like the campus (I didn't want to go to UT and the campus was one of the reasons...). But I'm hoping to go to a "better" college for grad school. Will they look down on me for going to a less prestigious college when I apply go grad school?
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    No I don't think so. I'm no expert. My friend completed his undergrad at York University in Ontario and is off to Oxford next year.
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    Generally not. You'd have to be going to a school widely known for having a bad physics program as opposed to one just not particularly known for its physics program. You'll be fine. Just get involved in research as much as you can, as early as you can. It will help, both for the experience and for getting letters of recommendation.
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    Not at all!

    And Texas A&M isn't a school to sneeze at either.

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    Thanks for the response guys!

    Man, college, can't wait! =D
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