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Is Time Travel Possible?

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    I was just thinking about how cool it could be to time travel, but I don't know if it's technically possible. The only Physics class I took was a first semester calculus based physics class so I don't know if they ever talk about time travel in other physics classes.

    I don't know if this is a dumb question, but do you think humans can time travel? I believe in time that physicists and engineers will find a way to travel forward and backward through time using some type of applicable knowledge we know now or will learn in the future.

    Btw, I hope to be one of those physicists or engineers!
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    Do a forum search. This topic has been beaten to death here.
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    Yes, time travel is possible. From the past to the future, one day at a time.
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    at the rate of 24 hours per day.
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    and after a while the novelty wears off
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    You are asking whether it is technically possible.

    It is theoretically possible for you to travel far into the future, say a million years, in your lifetime. But it is not possible for you to come back.

    If you are asking whether the technology exists at the present time to make that trip, the answer is: "no".

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    Consider this. If time travel to the past is possible, then where are all the time travelers that should be here in our time?
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