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? is to QM as Jackson is to electrodynamics.

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    I've been planning to get myself a minilibrary consisting of the classic books in various subjects. So far I've decided to get Goldstein for classical mechanics and Jackson for electrodynamics.

    On the top of those I think I should have books of "similiar status" for QM, statistical physics and solid state physics. Any suggestions?
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    Yes,Galindo & Pascual [1].2 volumes.I think Springer editted one edition,back in '90.

    The best there is.You could switch to J.J.Sakurai[2],if u don't like functional analysis...:wink:

    Springer also published J.Schwinger's [3] course.It is rather good.

    As for statistical phsysics,well,for learning/as a textbook (meaning a lot of examples & calculations),i'd say the book on thermo & stat in the Greiner[4] series.For more advanced look,either the 2 volumes in the Landau & Lifschitz [5,6]collection,or K.Huang [7].

    For nonequilibrium SM,i'd say R.Balescu's [8]1975 book is good...

    Zapper or someone else may give insights into solid state pysics.Kittel's [9]introductory book could be used as a textbook...

    [1]Galindo & Pascual,"Quantum Mechanics",Springer Verlag,1990.
    [2] J.J.Sakurai,"Modern Quantum Mechanics",Addison-Wesley,2-nd ed.,1993.
    [3]J.Schwinger,"Quantum Mechanics",Springer Verlag,2001.
    [4]W.Greiner,"Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics",any edition of the 2 published.
    [5]L.D.Landau,E.M.Lifschitz,"Statistical Physics",Part I,vol.5 of their course.
    [6]L.D.Landau,E.M.Lifschitz,"Statistical Physics",Part II,vol.9 of their course.
    [7]K.Haung,"Statistical Mechanics",2-nd ed.,Wiley,1987.
    [8]R.Balescu,"Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics",Wiley,1975.
    [9]Ch.Kittel,"Introduction to solid state physics" (any edition,preferably the latest).
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll browse through those for a bit to see which I like better.
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    Mermin is the standard for Solid State
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