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Is traction a form of reduction or immobilisation in orthopaedics?

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to understand the basics of orthopaedic fracture management. Tell me if the classification I have made is correct.

    1. Prehostpital care- First aid, splints, bandage

    2. Hospital care
    a)Reduction (Alignment of fractured bones)
    Open reduction - Surgeon makes incision and aligns the bones
    Closed reduction- Does a physical manuovere and reduce the fracture, no surgery

    b)Immobilisation (Maintaining reduction)
    External methods- POP casts, external fixation
    Internal methods- Internal fixation (Can be done at the same tie as open reduction)

    Now where does traction (Skeltal and skin) fall into in this classification. Does it reduce the fracture, or immbolise it. Thanks :smile:
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