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Is trig a good place to start?

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    Hey everyone, new member here with a quick question, but first some background.

    I'm 20, and cannot afford college right now unfortunately, I am however about to start a truck driving job in Texas where I will have 12 hours a day of off time, doing nothing nothing, save my needed sleep, I bought some books today for sort of a "self study" situation, not to replace school...but just to be ready for when I can afford to go back. I picked up a "Trigonometry for dummies" book today. I'm just curious if trig is a good place to start? I have high school Algebra, and Geometry, and I took an intermediate algebra class at a community college in my town.... Am I well equipped to start learning trig?

    Thanks in advanced, and sorry if this is the wrong section,
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    You should be fine. After you've mastered trig, you can move on to pre-calculus and then calculus, if you choose to do so.
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    Excellent! Thank you, that is the plan I had, glad to hear it's a good one!
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    I agree. Since you have basic algebra, adding trig will be helpful before moving on to calculus
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    Since a lot of higher mathematics and many applications depend on trigonometry, I think you have made an excellent choice. When you go back to college, you will use it.
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    Thank you both! I'll hopefully get started on trig tomorrow.
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    Indeed, it is a vital part of what you need to know. Quite useful, and a good place to start.

    On a less serious note, just always remember:

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    Trig is a good place for you to be right now. I would, however, get a different book.
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    I've started to realize the short comings of this book

    It jumps around a lot, and doesn't have any practice problems..I'm thinking about hitting up Half.com for a trig text book.
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    Trig is always useful, not only you're going to need it in calculus but it will keep you sharp in geometry and algebra.
    And of course, it got applications on it's own.
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