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Is truth fundamantal dubious?

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    In any system of thought, there are things that cannot be explain, but must be accepted on faith alone. Ex:The axioms of mathematics. The Laws of nature. Perhaps there are limitations placed on our comprehension of nature by our biology, or our very thought process inherented in the structure of langauge themselves. what is do you think is absoluate, and certain?
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    You are merely definting "turth" in terms of its properties. i can buy much of what your said here, but for a super logical person like myself, i need to know what "is" it. Everything crumbles.

    What the hell is a "state of existence"? Do you like to be vague, for the sake of being vague? Come on...

    Of course, it requires faith. It takes faith to belief "the laws of nature" that are empirical in nature. Where does it say that "existence" implies the existence of matter( as we know it), a electron, a string, a quark.. whatever... The whole goddamn scientific enterprise has been to try to explain something in terms of some thing more fundamental, and that something becomes the unknown, and must be acceted on faith. They are accepted because they are oberved. What do we know about the concept of energy, or heat? we don t! It is all too human to define these terms by their properties. We don t know why nature is the way it is, but we done enough experiments on it to put it in our bags of physical laws of nature. The laws of nature are fundamental, and it need not for its existence the interpretation from a theory. They are laws that are in "theory"/"philosophy"/"faith" suppost to hold in this freaking universe, because the otherwise option would be too detrimental to the scienctific enterprise. So this "theory"/"philosophy"/"faith" becomes accepted on faith alone.( get it)
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    This is ridiculous. To tell you the truth, i don t even know what math is, but it sure as hell is not what you just describled here. Take Euclidian geometry for example. The concept of a point, or a line are undefinable. Human intuition would tell you that a line is made up of infinite numbers of points, but that is a contradiction( see why?) . In otherwords, the axioms of mathematics need not obher to human physical intution, but "might" be rooted in the the logics or informal language inself. What is this "informal lanaguage"? who the hell know! That is why it is "DUBIOUS". What i just wrote do not even come close to approach what mathematics really in my super duper brain, but it is enough to point out your errors. I don t have to write too much, and that makes me happy.
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    "Truth" does not necessarily demand disclosure of detailed "facts"
    For example, I drive to Groom Lake, NV(area 51 fame) and at the guard house demand to know everthing going on within Groom Lake.
    He replies: "It's none of your business"
    His statement is the "TRUTH"

    While having sex with my wife, our 2-year old stumbles in and say's, "Daddy, what are you and Mom doing?" I reply "It's none of your business, go back to bed"
    My statement is the "TRUTH"
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    Here the truth is defined only by one party and so is only a truth by convenience. The universal truth that would apply to both situations is that (for example) in Area 51 there are minerals on the ground, there are organisms walking around, there are technologically advanced aircraft and some runways plus barracks, quansat huts, hangers and a cafeteria. These are the basic truths about area 51.

    the basic truth about mom and dad wanking away when junior walks in is that there is gyprock on the wall, a window, two organisms on a polyester waterbed, nylon carpeting, a glass of water and latex sleeping bags for mice.:bugeye:
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    Definition( used for abbrivation):

    NF= "Not fundamental"

    DC= "don t care".

    I will reply to both of you later tonight, or ever. Perhaps it is later tonight.
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