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Is tuberculosis can be compleately cured?

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    if a man is attcked with tuberoculosi. is that deasease can be compleately curable. kindly answer please
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    everything can be cured.. its simply a matter of funding, time, and ingenuity. the catalyst being luck
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    TB can be cured with antibiotics in most cases. There are rare but an increasing number of cases where TB is becoming resistant to common antibiotics. I think in these cases doctors are usually still able to find something that works. Survivability of TB is usually very high persuming the patient is recieving proper medical treatment.

    May I ask why you ask?
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    TB is treatable, but the treatment regimen requires the patient to take a course of antibiotics for about 6-9 months. The problem is that the drugs usually make patients feel like crap, so a lot of people (particularly those who are asymptomatic) stop taking their meds or take them irregularly, which promotes the development of drug resistant strains.
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    Does not TB resurge though? I thought that was common for those on medication for it.

    ANd what is the structure of TB, does it use RNA or DNA, and Single stranded or double stranded? Membrane layers? proteins?
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    TB is cause by a bacteria not by a viruse. Also, you do not use antibiotics to treat viral disease.

    TB can be cured but some of the lession may be permanent.

    TB can resurge if the antibiotics treatement is not efficient and/or, as imabug point it out, the patient does not follow the treatment. In tubercule, the bacteria is in a semi-dormant state and antibiotics does not diffuse well inside the tubercules. Becasue of this, the bacteria has a natural resistance the antibiotics treatment.

    A person can also be reinfected with TB. The immunity towards TB is often incomplete.
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    oops didnt catch that it was a bacteria
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