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Is website a software?

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    Is website a software? How about an web app? Please name me a list of softwares.
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    What do YOU think of as software?
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    Please be more specific, what exactly are you wanting to know?
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    I can take a stab at a top level description, but I am not an expert. Maybe others can correct any errors here.

    A website is a combination of a set of web pages, a server system (or more than one) that the pages are on, and an address that people on the internet can use to locate those web pages. The web site can exist without any actual working web pages, but I assume you would want some working web pages.

    The address usually has several levels. I can open a DOS command window and enter "ping facebook.com" to see if it exists and will reply to my "ping". It "ping"ed an address "facebook.com" is called a Domain name and is the Universal Resource Locator (URL) of facebook.com. Facebook bought that URL address through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and allows people to use parts of it. In the case of Facebook, they provide all the software that users are allowed to use.

    An Internet Service Provider registers your Domain Name and the associated URL, and supplies a connection to the internet. My PC at home has an address that AT&T has provided. They are my ISP. I am not sure if I can use my PC as an internet web site. I think not.

    You put your software on the server that the ISP provides. You have to set up a system to send the correct HTML web pages to someone contacting your web site. That is called a web server. One method is called a Common Gateway Interface. It decides how to respond to user requests and sends HTML to the user. You may have to program this yourself. The first page a user gets is index.html. The CGI can be written in any language, but it sends out HTML to the internet. It also keeps track of users and what they have already communicated to your server so that it can respond appropriately.

    This thread is closed because the OP decided to abandon this one and start another instead of answering simple questions.
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    Thanks fact checker, but as you said there are a lot of mistakes, for example, the customer can lease the Domain Name themself, they do not need to go through an ISP, and they are not for sale. Yes, a person can host a website at home simply by setting up a server. Also, web centric companies do not have single IP addresses, a company like Facebook (or their hosting company) would more than likely have multiple Class Cs. they're just not all public. So many ways to do things. I just don't have time to do a tutorial right now.
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