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Is your internship illegal?

  1. Sep 2, 2011 #1

    Basically, if you are currently in an internship that offers no salary and you do any work at all that benefits the company your internship is illegal. I'm curious to see just how many kids on her are being exploited.
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    Hmm.. I've work an internship (not in science/engineering) for no pay but it was for college credit. I didn't read the article but I wonder if that's a loop hole.
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    Nope. Doesn't matter if you received college credit or not. If you did any work at all that the company benefited from (even small things like stuffing envelopes), but were not paid, the internship was illegal.
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    Yup, I've read that probably 40% of all internships, at the least, are done illegally.
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