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Is zero our perfect outcome?

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    Just something I've been chewing on.

    Let's create a number line: [-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3]

    In the number line, the values approach zero in the negative spectrum and then ascend from the positive spectrum. Yet, zero is consider the medium. Some argue that zero's purpose as a placeholder gives it no real value, and a creationist may uphold that contention. Others debate that nothing is a value of its own, "no noise, is still noise", the idealists.

    In Einstein's multiverse theorem, we see the existences of many verses that follow the laws of statics and probability. If each of the following numbers on the number line correspond with a probability, then just like statistics, creates a bell shaped curve, zero would hold a value (yay for idealists!), but what would it be?

    If zero is approached and then ascended, could zero be ideal? Or mathematically perfect? Thus making the zero verse the most ideal location for every outcome.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Trolls?
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    For mathematicians. zero is zero. All the material you discuss is outside mathematics and probably outside science.
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