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Is ZP Energy mainstream or crockery?

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    Is the Casimir Effect generally accepted as some valid force that is as-yet not fully defined or is it still somewhat disputable?

    I know that Calphysics has gotten a research grant on ZP energy but is it a generally accepted part of science or still very theoretical and unproven?

    It seems that in some places it is talked about very seriously but in other places it seems scoffed at...

    If is is somewhat proven what are some of the known properties of ZP energy?

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    Casimir effect has been verified experimentally. Zero point energy is a serious subject, based on the uncertainty principle. What can be done with it is unknown.
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    ZPE exists - its the harnessing of ZPE that is crackpottery.
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    Yeah I did notice that every nut-job on the planet is claiming they have ZP "Free" energy devices. It seems to be a favored delusion. Hence my questioning the validity of the science in general. ;)

    Has there ever been any test to see if ZP has any effect on light?
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    What is zero point energy?
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