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Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

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    If both Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are still alive today, imagine the world we will be living in and the impact on all theories of physics! Can you imagine what the world will be like with them still around?
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    I'm reminded of what a historian said when asked, "What if Stonewall Jackson had been alive at Gettysburg":

    "He'd have smelled really bad, because he'd have been dead for two months!"
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    It's difficult to guess how they would have performed in different circumstances.

    I'd rather like a world where Galois did not die so young for instance.
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    I think they'd be posting on 4chan and the wonderful internets rather than 'wasting' their time developing theories.
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    I think many smarter people have come since then, but the fruit just gets higher and harder to reach
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    Newton wrote more on religion than on science, and later in life turned to deciphering bible code. If he were alive today would have written volumes of nonsense.

    Steven Weinberg said "that today any sufficiently good grad physics student" understands general relativity better than Einstein."
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    I think you probably worded that wrong....
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    Imagine Tesla with his hundreds of patents ? I bet the oil company would of assassinated him. Poor guy, suppressed in his time, and yet again in the 21st century.
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    Unlikely since nothing Tesla did would have had any direct impact on the oil companies. :rolleyes: You're falling for a crackpot legend that defames a man who really was a great scientist.

    That said, his feud with Edison/Westinghouse was a big issue at the time...
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    It's "would have".
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    Was this published? I've never heard about this.
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    It was Tesla/Westinghouse vs. Edison.
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    “Newton’s religious writings constitute more than half of his entire written work” (2004, 430:819)

    Brumfiel, Geoff (2004), “Newton’s Religious Screeds Get Online Airing,” Nature, 430:819, August 19.
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    No, I mean did Newton ever publish Principia Religiosa, or some such work?
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    The fact that you have no interest in a particular field of study does not make it nonsense.
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    I'm not sure how much of his religious work he published, he wasn't a famous theologian. But he did manage to predict the end of the world in 2066

    http://www.christianpost.com/Education/General/2007/06/papers-show-isaac-newton-s-religious-side-predict-date-of-apocalypse-19/index.html [Broken]
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    Someone should alert Dan Brown.
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    What a silly thread. The likes of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein still exist. Today's scientific scene is much richer and wider however, making the contributions of those people seem like drops in the ocean.
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    Or are you saying the current geniuses make Newton and Einstein look like drops in the ocean, or do you mean the opposite?
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    What Newton's insights into gravity and optics, or "the universal Lord of the Lords" and "Opticks" is prosaic today, but lead to calculus and modern impossibilities like powered flight, computers, and the electricity to make them go.

    Einstein opened a door that, either he didn't look as closely through as he might have, or couldn't stop himself breaking into hysterics. But his insights led to modern particle physics and he was the (reluctant) father of Black Holes, the densest objects possible (if the tensor equations say so).
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    How could anyone not want to communicate directly with these 2 men?
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    I don't think there's any distinction between "current geniuses" and "Newton and Einstein". Both had excellent contributions but there wouldn't have been any change in science without their existence. Newton himself said:

    So, there would have been no change at all if they existed now. They would have been living lives like all other dedicated researchers.
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    I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.
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    Me neither.

    @zooby: I think werg22 is trying to say that contemporary physics has grown so much that contributions of "geniuses" today don't matter as much as those by Einstein and Newton. This also implies that had these "geniuses" been in the same time period, they might have been just as good as these two guys. Which also seems to imply that the human race is getting smarter(comparing people with the two greatest physicists before the 21st century)!
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