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ISETI Report

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    Hi Guys,

    I just joined.

    I would be interested in feedback to my just published 100 page iSETI report, "Reaching the Stars: Interstellar Space Exploration Technology Initiative (iSETI) Report", available for free from my website http://www.QuantumRisk.com/ the download link is http://www.quantumrisk.com/www/BookStore/iSETI_DownLoad.htm

    I have enclosed the report summary, below. Feedback is appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Ben Solomon


    Reaching The Stars: The Interstellar Space Exploration Technology Initiative (iSETI) Report.

    Interstellar travel is not impossible. Once we acknowledge that we don’t know how to address this unknown, just yet, we are ready to make progress. This 100 page, iSETI Report (Reaching The Stars: The Interstellar Space Exploration Technology Initiative Report), proposes the technology management, physics, and strategic concepts we will need.

    By going back to first principles, the iSETI report details what is required of modern physics to develop the translocation technologies needed to reach the stars. The basic premise of this report is that every theoretical concept must deliver practical technologies.

    The Time Dilation Gravity Model in the Report proposes that the non-linearity of the time dilation field around a massive body causes the effect of gravity. The effect is such that, the change in the center of mass of a particle is determined by the non-linear deformation of time, as given by the equation,

    ds = (3/8) sxo . dt

    where, ds = change in position of center of mass,

    dt = change in time dilation across a particle.

    and sxo = original center of mass of the particle.

    This concept leads to several revolutionary constructs. The first is that gravity is a virtual field. It is not real. The real field is the non-linear time dilation that surrounds a massive body. This approach will deliver space propulsion technologies of the future, because we are no longer tied down to the concept that massive bodies are the only source of gravitational effects.

    The second, momentum exchange is a process and not an event. The Law of Conservation of Momentum only holds if one does not intercede in the momentum exchange process. Our technology management should have as a first priority, engine development that bypasses the Law of Conservation of Momentum. Here we have the revolutionary changes to the Reusable Launch Vehicle industry that we are after.

    Even though the Special Theory of Relativity is fundamentally correct there is that missing element. Have you ever wondered why length contracts but time dilates? Well, the answer is, they both behave the same but we haven’t noticed. Our ability to measure an external particle’s environment is altered by our relative velocities. We measure in terms of markers. Clock ticks for time and distance markers for space. So when both time and distance markers dilate, we observe a slowing down of the measured time, and a contraction of the measured distance. The distance contraction is a result of the dilation between distance markers. Another radical paradigm - what we measure may not be what is happening - this is a very important caution for relativistic and wormhole theoretical physics.

    The real world limits the validity of the Special Theory of Relativity. The longest interval between any two markers is the size of the Universe. Therefore, accelerated mass objects will stop short of the velocity of light, because one cannot increase the interval between markers beyond the size of the Universe. Thus, time cannot dilate to infinity. Therefore, even though imaginary (square root of minus 1) velocities, length, and time are valid mathematical constructs, they cannot exist in the real Universe.

    The Special Theory of Relativity breaks down just before the speed of light is reached. Ignore General Theory of Relativity and its offshoots that delve into greater then velocity of light theoretical constructs, and rewrite our physics.

    Third, time travel is impossible because the Universe is expanding. Recent Cosmic Microwave Background measurements suggest even more, that the Universe is rotating. Therefore, any theoretical model that allows for time travel has either been developed beyond the bounds of model validity, or is inherently flawed.

    The iSETI report presents scientific exploratory failures we can learn from. NASA failed to reproduce Podkletnov’s results primarily because the academic community does not have a robust theoretical basis for Podkletnov’s observations. Jean-Louis Naudin’s work based on the Thomas Townsend Brown’s patent proves that alternative technologies are realizable. The Post-Newtonian Propulsion experiments based on new relationships between gravity and electromagnetism, in this report, is the most viable alternative future technology. We cannot afford to ignore this work because of current biases.

    Despite NASA’s 30-year lead, China, a Third World country, is on the verge of landing a man on the Moon. Europe & Russia have become major suppliers of commercial launch vehicles. Without private space technology entrepreneurs, the US will lose its commercial dominance, and as a result its military footing. World paradigms are shifting. Commercial dominance lends itself to military dominance not the other way around.

    This iSETI Report, ISBN 0-9720116-3-3, is based on 30 years of research into how to deliver space propulsion technologies of the future. Let’s reach the stars.

    Ben Solomon
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