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Isfahan UCF trouble

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    I can do neither, but I can say that the radiation from UF6 if virtually negligible and should not be capable of causing short term health effects.

    When I was visiting a US nuclear fuel manufacturing facility, many people working with the pellets either had no ventilation, or one of those small paper masks.

    Now if they are inhaling Uranium particles, they may be subject to some sort of heavy metal issues (we know heavy metals can be bad on the body), but if that is the case, it is not a radiation concern and a toxic/chemical one.
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    Don't forget their leaders treat mistakes as treason and they work at ground zero for Israel. Stress kills!
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    UF6 itself is volatile and highly toxic. It reacts with water producing (between other things) HF - so it is going to burn the skin on contact, even if in low concentrations in the air. Not something safe to work with, regardless of the radioactivity level.
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    I'd be careful attributing smog problems to Isfahan plant.
    At this annual season pollution seems to be at its high, see this PressTV report.

    As Borek explained, UF6 forms hydrofluoric acid, which is probably even worse than HCl that is being produced in the lungs when chlorine gas being inhaled.
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    Well, I did no such thing.
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