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Isn't my calculation of diffusion coefficient correct?

  1. Jul 10, 2011 #1
    Isn't my calculation of diffusion coefficient correct???

    A certain silicate is diffused at 750 centigrade... The diffused ion had an ingression depth squared of 2.5x10^-5 cm^2 after 7 days of contineous heating.

    What is the diffusion coefficient of this ion in this particular silicate????

    Isn't this the correct method of calculating diffusion coefficient at some temp:


    so; 2.5x10^-5 = D (7x24x3600)
    D = 4.3x10^-11 cm^2/sec

    the calculated value in my textbook is 2x10^-12 cm^2/sec !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it a typo???? or I am wrong :)

    Many thanks in advance
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