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Isn't that grammatically wrong?

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    According to the rule of english grammar after 3rd person singular number a 's' is added with the verb i.e. he usually catches fish not he usually catch fish. But when I type "It rarely make mistake" or "he/she/Mr. X rarely make mistake" and check the grammar in MS Word the checker says these sentences are also ok (attachment). Weren't those sentences supposed to be wrong?


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    The proper form should be
    'he/she/it rarely makes mistakes' or
    'he/she/it rarely makes a mistake'

    But yes, 'make' should be 'makes'.
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    yes 'makes mistakes' is the proper form.

    But why MS Word spelling and grammar checker is showing the wrong thing?

    thanks for your reply.
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    I don't know... because its a bad program?
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    :smile: may be

    as you may have already understood my native language is not english thats why I was confused a bit.
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    I don't see any sentences. There are no "."'s in your screenshot.

    For the few times I need Word-compatible software I use OpenOffice, so I can't check if that was really the reason you didn't get any errors.
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    After putting the "."s I get the error messages. Besides if you write "He rarely make mistake." then it will not show you any error messages,you have to write "He rarely make mistakes." then it will show error.
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    thanks to all.

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