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ISO decent decaf coffee

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    Happy new year!!!

    I'm ISO decent decaf coffee that I can order over the Internet (or phone), or buy in supermarkets. For me it's relatively uncomplicated to find quality regular coffee -- the Caribou blend is one. As for decaf, I became hooked on a coffee shop brand that I tried years ago, and haven't found anything as good or better -- I just kept ordering it. With the new year I've decided to see whether anyone can suggest a decent decaf brand that they especially like, the darker the better.

    [As I posted this, a PF ad in the top margin directed me to ROASTe.com, which I decided to give a try. They ship for free.]
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    Recently I tried Starbucks VIA instant coffee. It was regular (caffeinated), though. I'm not a big fan of instant but this one wasn't bad at all. But then, I like very strong coffee, so it may not appeal to everyone.
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    Decaf French Roast from http://www.stonecreekcoffee.com/ is pretty good; you can e-mail them at customers@stonecreekcoffee.com and ask for a free catalog.

    When in Montreal I had tried Tim Hortons and liked their coffee. So I e-mailed them to ask for home delivery. As it turned out, they have a roaster in Rochester, NY:

    Maidstone Coffee Plant, (585) 272-1040 Ext. 2221 or coffee@timhortons.com

    I don;t know if they are willing to dispense small quantities (like anything less than 50 lbs. per order). I'll post what I find when I find out, along with their prices.
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    I own a commercial coffee roastery.
    email me your info and I can send you some samples.
    I do a nice smooth Decaf Colombian Excelso and spicy Java Jampit Blawan Decaf.

    I am here on PF to try to tap into that part of my brain that loved physics in Undergrad and start using it for fine tuning my trade(as a coffee roaster) (Specific Density, heat properties, etc)
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