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Isobaric isothermal system

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    how can we understand total molar concentration remains constant in a isobaric isothermal system? if it is from perfect gas equation pv=nrt although p and t are constant but v isn't constant so since mol number can be change over volume, total molar concentration may change.it is a situation of a tube with one end is surrounded by gaseous nitrogen and one end is closed with a solid naphthalene in equilibrium with its vapor.
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    Total molar concentration remains constant because n can change
    probably: if it is solid napthalene in equilibrium with its vapor, then napthalene atoms can desorb and enter the gas phase to maintain equilibrium. so if volume changes, n will change correspondingly
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    But it must always be constant which is equal to 1 so we shouldn't limit the situation to the isobaric isothermal case.Am I right? is C=CA+CB always true or only for at constant
    T and P
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