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Isolate an Antena

  1. Feb 13, 2010 #1
    I bought a wireless network card a month ago so other computer users at home could access the Internet using laptops via ad hoc and everything works well except one thing. When data is being transfered through the wireless network, there appears an annoying noise in the speakers that is way too louder than the usual noise due to specifics of the electronics. By closing the wireless connection disturbing pops and shwags disappears. I have noticed that by higher wireless transfer speed the noise is louder and moving the attachable antenna closer to the speaker set it increases. Unfortunately I cannot move the antenna far from the speakers, because the cable is apx. 50 cm long and was wondering if there would be a way to isolate the antenna so it could radiate in one direction. Another problem is that I recently (last two or 3 weeks) have very bad headache when working at the computer that normally never had. My guess is that the headache is also caused by electromagnetic waves similarly as noise in the speakers.

    If someone knows a solution to the problem, please post it. Thanks in advance.
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