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Homework Help: Isolated parallel plates

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    which statements are true for two oppositely charged, isolated parallel plates: C=capacitance, U=stored energy, (Q and -Q =charged on the plates). Note: isolated plates can not lose their charge.

    a. when the distance is doubled, U increase.
    b. inserting a dielectric increases Q
    c. when the distance is halved, Q stays the same.
    d. when the distance is doubled, C increases
    e. insertng a dielectric increases C
    f. increasing the distance increases the Electric Field
    g. inserting a dielectric decreases U

    by using these equations: C=Eo (a/d) , Q=CV, and U=1/2 QV, Q^2/2C
    i came up with TFTTTFT, but its not right anyone has any idea of what i might of done wrong?
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    Look at d carefully.
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