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Isolation of cobalt

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    How do you isolate cobalt industilly from its ores? I was thinking about some oxidation:
    [tex]Co_2S_4 + 4~O_2 ~ \rightarrow 4~SO_2 + Co_3[/tex]

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    My textbook says that cobalt oxides are reduced with coal to give elemental cobalt, or solubilized cobalt salts are treated with ammonia to give a complex, which is then reduced with hydrogen to give powdered cobalt. The powdered cobalt is melt in an inert atmosphere to make solid masses from it.

    The principal reaction is reduction with coal:

    [tex]2CoAsS + 5O_2 \rightarrow Co_2O_3 + As_2O_3 + 2SO_2[/tex] (roasting; the mineral is cobaltine).

    [tex]2Co_2O_3 + 3C \rightarrow 4Co + 3CO_2[/tex] (reduction with coal).

    The redox reactions are my reasoning, I don't guarantee anything, so you'll have to study them by yourself first.
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