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Isolator - AC23A operation

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    Can anyone brief what is the operation functionality of AC23A operation of isolators & what is the difference between AC22A & AC23A operation.
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    jim hardy

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    It would seem it's just a difference in ratings, AC23 being robust enough for more highly inductive loads.


    Was that the question?
    There'll be differences in contact size & material, and in the arc quenching apparatus.

    This link gives power factor of 65% for AC22, 35% for AC23
    http://www.gil-lec.co.uk/custom/upload/pdfs/circuit protection/Hager_Isolators_Switches.pdf

    and suggests that a given switch may be used for more severe duty at reduced current

    If you're looking for construction details , i'd take apart a few from different manufacturers to see how they get around one another's patents.
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    Thank you, even i have the same information as you have told. i would like to know what makes the AC23A duty to give a different current rating than other duty. Also what is the theoretical reason behind introducing such different duties in isolators.
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    jim hardy

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    again, http://www.gil-lec.co.uk/custom/upload/pdfs/circuit protection/Hager_Isolators_Switches.pdf
    Have you ever played with inductors and noticed how the make an arc when you interrupt current?

    That is rough service for a contact - it must be made from something that resists arc welding.

    e = l di/dt
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