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Isothermal compressibility & Volume expansitivity

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    I need equations for Isothermal compressibility & Volume expansitivity in terms of temperature and pressure. Please help. It is for refrigerants in both liquid but especially gaseous phase.

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    http://www.ari.org/er/tu/1993/9308c.html [Broken]
    http://www.eere.energy.gov/buildings/tools_directory/software/engineeringtoolbox.htm [Broken]

    These all want money --- you might find useful data in the "public domain" if you hit the library --- see the International Critical Tables (you haven't said WHAT refrigerants), or JANAF, or Perry's, or odd handbooks on cryogenics, or HVAC hndbks, or hit Sci. Cit, Chem. Abstracts, Phys. Abstracts for refrigerant properties.
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    ΔUgas = 1.5kT = 0.5mv^2
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