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Homework Help: Isothermal example

  1. Jan 2, 2007 #1
    I need to give examples of an instance in which temperature remains constant when heat flows in and out of a system, isothermal by definition. I know the textbook example (slowly heating an ideal gas in a cylinder with a piston on one end, volume increases as pressure decreases, etc.), but are there any real examples, analogous to the adiabatic example of streching a rubber band quickly?

    I just realized that melting and boiling fit the criteria, but this is a thermo question, so any additional help would be appreciated
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    Andrew Mason

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    How about pumping up a tire? The air under pressure expands into the tire, which would tend to cool it. But because it is not insulated, heat from the surroundings flows into the air inside the tire and the temperature remains at the ambient temperature.

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