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Isotopes and radioisotopes

  1. May 24, 2004 #1
    you know how when u add a neutron to a stable uranium atom
    it becomes unstable and it produces alpha,beta and gamma

    but what if you add 2 neutron, is that possible?
    if its possible

    what if i add 2 slow moving neutron what would happen?
    what if i add 2 fast moving neturon than what would happen?
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    You can add more than one neutron to any atom you'd like. You'll just get an atom with different radioactive properties. It might be more (or less) radioactive than if you just add one, or the proportion of alpha to beta emission will be different, etc.

    The issue of slow- versus fast-moving neutrons is only relevant to their capture; once they're in the in nucleus it doesn't matter how fast they were moving before. Slow neutrons are more easily captured.

    - Warren
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