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News Israel to Take Remaining 20,000 Jews from Ethiopia

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    If Israel is a "free" country, why is preferential treatment given to Jews only with respect to immigration? That would be the equivalent of the U.S.A. only allowing Christians to immigrate.

    Israel to Take Remaining 20,000 Jews from Ethiopia

    Tue Feb 1, 9:30 AM ET

    By Allyn Fisher-Ilan

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel will double the pace of Jewish immigration from Ethiopia in order to bring out the remaining 20,000 members of the Falasha Mura group by 2007, officials said on Tuesday.

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) approved the decision on Monday to allow 700 Falasha Mura a month to fly to the Jewish state from the impoverished Horn of Africa nation, starting in June.

    [ . . . ]

    Complete article at http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=574&ncid=574&e=16&u=/nm/20050201/wl_nm/israel_ethiopians_dc [Broken]
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    Being a "free country" has nothing to do with immigration. Immigration, most certainly, is not free in any country I know of.
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    6 millions Palestinian are waiting since 57 years to return back to their houses!!

    Believe it or not, if I marry a woman who has no residency card, she will never get permision to stay in Palestine. There are 100000 Palestinian families are divided due to these laws..

    Recently they declared more racist laws against the non Jews minority in Israel:

    JERUSALEM, 14 July 2004 — Amnesty International yesterday called on the Israeli Parliament not to renew an “institutionally racist” law that bars Palestinians married to Israelis from obtaining their spouse’s citizenship.
    The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, which was passed onto the statute books by MPs on July 31 last year, “formally institutionalizes a form of racial discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality,” the London-based rights group said in a new report.
    The law, which has to be renewed after a 12-month period, has forced many Israeli Arab citizens and residents of Arab East Jerusalem who hold Israeli identification papers, to live illegally with their Palestinian spouses in Israel or move to the occupied West Bank and Gaza.
    For couples that decide to stay in Israel, their Palestinian spouses have no health insurance or other social rights and “every day fear arrest, expulsion and separation from their spouses or children.”
    The report argues that the law is motivated by the desire to maintain a Jewish majority in Israel where some 20 percent of the population is of Palestinian descent, rather than for security reasons.
    “The law constitutes a further step in Israel’s long-standing policy aimed at restricting the number of Palestinians who are allowed to live in Israel and east Jerusalem,” it says.
    “In recent years Israeli officials ... have increasingly expressed concern at the number of Palestinian citizens of Israel, using expressions such as ‘demographic problem’ ... and in some cases even calling for their expulsion.”
    Amnesty also highlighted increased restrictions on the Palestinians’ freedom of movement over the past three years, including the suspension of family unification procedures for Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Gaza married to citizens or residents of other countries.
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    Free countries give the same rights to their citizens ... why the Christian Israeli of three towns whom forced to leave their houses in 50s are not allowed to return back, while the Ethiopian and Russian Jews who NEVER live in Palestine/Israel have the rights to live where they want.

    Here more information bout these three Christian Israeli towns:

    http://www.israelinsider.com/channels/politics/articles/pol_0057.htm [Broken]

    ((The security cabinet will inform Israel's High Court of Justice that it opposes a petition that would allow residents of the former villages of Ikrit and Biram to return to their homes))

    Book ''Blood Brothers" for Father Elias, one of residents of these three towns.
    http://www.book-reports-directory.com/Blood_Brothers_and_the_Healing_Balm_of_Forgiveness.htm [Broken]

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    I am not defending the Israeli confiscation of the property left behind by the Arabs who fled before the start of the Israel-Arab wars. But it should be mentioned that the Arab states expelled and confiscated the property of a roughly similar number of Jews.
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    your information is not accurate ... the discussion about the right of the current citizens of Israel ... 20% of Israeli are not Jews and they suffer from racism laws, they live in their land since thousands of years , but they have less rights than the new immigrants.

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    No, it isn't. Its about the rights of immigrants. Immigrants are not citizens. The information you provided has nothing at all to do with the topic.
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    Israel is not "free" as free is defined by American politicians. American elites claim that Israel is a "great" "humane" "tollerant" "model for the world" type of country, and then say America is also as good as Israel, but American policies are very different from Israel. America is multicultural, while Israel is an ethno-state. I am not claiming that Israeli National Socialism is unethical, I am claiming that Israel should be honestly acknowledged for what it exactly is: an ethno-state. And, if it's morally okey for Israel to maintain cultural and ethnic homogeniety, then is should be likewise okey for the Ku Klux Klan, Skinheads, David Duke, and the like to make their desires an actual national policy in the United States and Europe. If it's morally okey for Israel, then it should likewise be morally okey for the United States and Europe.
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    Jews are extremely diverse ethnically since they are distributed in small groups all over the world. The jews from Ethiopia are much closer genetically to other Ethiopians than to Jews from for example Russia.

    A more correct desription is to say that Israel discriminate for religious reasons. This does not make it right but may be understandable due to the long history of persecution of the Jewish religion and the desire for state where they can protect themselves. The long-term solution is a partition of the area since members of both religions seems to prefer to live separately.

    And Israel do score highly on human rights and political freedom.
    http://www.freedomhouse.org/research/freeworld/2004/countries.htm [Broken]
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