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News Israeli Civil War?

  1. Nov 22, 2003 #1
    Subj: Re: Declaration of War
    Date: 11/20/03 10:22:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
    From: familyp@netvision.net.il
    To: Dbenariel@aol.com

    The declaration of war was issued by Ben Gurion when the MAPAM-MAPAI Bolchevique cadres decided to create a "new Jew" rather than restoring the TEMPLE, dignity, freedom, normal life, land, to the Nation.
    They first cut the "peyot" of immigrants, just as the nazis did months before.
    That was the physical signal of things to come.
    He intended to be the UNJewish "moshe".
    Rabin was given the "Altalena" so he would become the UNJewish
    "yoshus ben nun". His group run wild with peresire help and elevated the
    plan by making the conspiracy to execute him and setting his tomb as also a replacement to KIng David and Solomon at once.

    The condition of complete war was signed in OSLO when the UNJews
    signed an alliance with the new Roman Empire inherited by Germany and Gaul in Europe and their field proxies the islamics.
    Ben Gurion started the process when he went to Germany and made "peace".
    They declared "partnership" with each other. OLSO started then and there. PRECISELY to the day, a GENERATION LATER they went to oslo to launch open war on the Judeo-Christian world.
    Islamic troops whom to murder, etc.

    Geneva and the onslaught you see today is the continuation...

    Shmuel HaLevi
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    From: Dbenariel@aol.com
    To: familyp@netvision.net.il
    Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 1:30 AM
    Subject: Declaration of War

    Upon sorrowful reflection, the Bolshevik-Hellenist government of Israel has done nothing less than reveal, declare and promote their DECLARATION OF WAR against the pioneering Jewish settlements of Israel and their faithful allies worldwide. Truly "they have sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind!"
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  3. Nov 23, 2003 #2
    Rabin myth

    Subj: The Rabin myth - Part II
    Date: 11/18/03 12:08:43 AM Eastern Standard Time
    From: familyp@netvision.net.il
    November 18, 2003

    A sovereign Jewish State/Federation.

    Radio Free Israel.com
    Registered Trademark, is days away from
    starting operations.
    R.F.I.'s Internet Site should be at your service within days.


    "So, as you go into battle, remember your ancestors
    and remember your descendants."


    NOTICE: The first two executions of
    Jews have taken place this morning,
    November 18, 2003, only three days
    after the Peres-Rabin Shabak and
    minister Poraz officially informed
    that their islamic associates will act
    against specific Jews on their behalf.


    THE RABIN myth! Part II

    Our intent is to disarm the most poisonous myth
    fabricated against our Nation.

    The general Rabin myth.

    What could have been a relatively obscure but
    acceptable retirement, has been merchandized
    to a grevious extent.
    After the open interview of the Shabak qvartet,
    the general Rabin execution and who worked
    for that effect is not longer in doubt.
    The unholy Rabin cult shall be gone before the
    next oslo ghastly festival.
    And the Rabin execution conspirators caught,
    delivered to NEW courts, sentenced and

    The Nation must do that because the Rabin
    entente post Jewish groups plan to meticulously
    DISMANTLING the Land and Jewish Nation.

    The Rabin cult saga is part of other pre fabricated
    "heroes" manufacturing processes designed to
    make up, with a deadly intent, "replacements" for
    Adam and Hava, Abraham, Itzhak, Jacob, Sara,
    Leah, Rachel, Moshe Rabenu, Yoshua Ben Nun...

    General Rabin in many occassions led
    renegade elements and in some cases he
    did so with his whole family.
    All of those were and are part of the
    Olso-Taba- The intermediate
    plans... all leading to the
    Geneva AGREEMENTS.
    ALL secretively, furtively and illegally
    made adaptations of FOREIGN "plans".

    Rabin and his associates are
    they are, simply, by intent or default as far
    as the Oslo and other such monstrous plans
    are concerned, associates, partners, to
    Islamic and EU Jewish Nation's people

    Rabin and associates are directly
    responsible for the...
    "Peace that is war"
    against our Nation. They planned and still
    develop it with European-Islamic financial
    and tactical support.

    Many of those co murderers have
    done so with intent and forethought.


    The Islamic onslaught we observe everywhere
    and the activities by their "partners" within the
    State of Israel are not happening by mere
    coincidence in the order and time coordination
    in which they occur.

    EVERY step has been planned by the Rabin cult
    associates, foreign governments and the post
    Jewish generals.

    They have received HUGE sums and other
    support and they have also stolen large sums
    from the Israeli Taxpayer moneys.
    They pay with that their mailings, "agreements",
    the "birthdays" and in particular the Rabin Ltd.,

    Ms. Rabin candidly restated that the oslo
    agreements and general Rabin are one.

    ONSLAUGHT to occur and for the Tzahal self
    defeat that followed to date.
    NEVER ALLOW Ms. Rabin and her accomplicies
    to forget that her father and associates refused
    to pursue, to use Tzahal to assert Jewish National
    defense against her father's "partners".

    General's Rabin family AND all the remaining oslo
    partners must accept that their UNITARIAN
    declaration postulates that the following applies.

    Oslo is the axis upon which the wheels of the famed "rackevet"
    that grinds its deadly tracks on the Land of Israel, turn.
    To what have the oslo tracks and "rackevet" led?

    The Rabins-peres-beilin-Dayans-Shahaks-Barak-
    Tamir-Avital-Ramon-"salty 27"-"yesh gvul"-
    "peace now"-"4 mothers"-Pundak-Avineris-Sarid-
    Aloni-Ben Ami-Ben Yair-Arbel-Beinish-Guillon-Perry-
    Ayalon-Barak2-Sternhall-Oz-mitzanh- and their
    lesser associates "led" the whole nation and the
    West in general into the catastrophe we witness.

    a. Ghastly islamic world wide upheaval...
    YES! Two gigantic failures united to form the basis for WW III.
    1. President Clinton enourmous Balkan adventures to destroy
    Yugoslavia on behalf of Islam and the EU.
    2. General Rabin's ghastly plans to destroy Jewish Israel on
    behalf of a creature called the "new Jew, islam and the EU.

    b. 15000 casualties...
    YES! All of the "VICTIMS of PEACE" are victims of the Rabin's

    c. World wide anti semitism... Nothing to add on this.

    d. HUGE loss of National Heritage...

    e. Social desintegration...

    f. 40 billion dollars in damages...

    g. 9/11... and what followed


    We demand that Taxpayers be not longer charged
    with the perpetuation of the Rabin myth.

    DEMAND that the above parties, be detained and
    delivered to NEWLY ELECTED Courts, Courts
    that SHALL rely only on JEWISH LAW.

    We, in turn, do intend to continue
    with RECONSTRUCTION Plans and
    thus returning our Nation to its
    Biblical Grandeur!

    Shmuel HaLevi
  4. Nov 23, 2003 #3
    I'm sorry, I didn't read the whole post, but what are you talking about?
  5. Nov 23, 2003 #4
    I suggest you read the whole post before you post a reply.
  6. Nov 23, 2003 #5
    David, I appreciate your post because it gives us more motives or insights of what happens inside your society and it's various complex internal forces.
    A number of people don't understand your post because it's an almost 'inside' propaganda pamphlet. It's interesting. It shows the dichotomy that happens in your interpretation of your religion. The Bible and the Torah are essential reference points in your religion. We - being non-Jewish - respect them as expression of a "believe", not as a 'truth'. (Although for Christians the Bible also includes the New Testament and also represents elements of truth.)

    But the Bible is a book written by HUMANS. You can not deny that.
    Such books are written by humans for their fellow humans of their own group.
    Such human-written books often are based on subjective 'revelations' of the writers.
    Such human-written books often refer to a 'preferred relationship' of that group with God.
    In your case you became 'the Chosen People' in a book written by your own members.
    So it is a 'self-proclaimed' superior relation with God. Today we call that 'marketing'.
    Your religion is not the only one that makes such claims. In the human-written Koran it is projected of believers in general, not on the group (race).

    When your group want the returning to your Nation in its Biblical Grandeur you must respect however human dignity, human rights, ... and even respect other tendencies or views in your own society. Murdering Rabin was a criminal act and stays a criminal act. If you judge it to be rightful that Rabin was murdered you have a criminal and terrorist mind yourself.
  7. Nov 23, 2003 #6

    Mind you I am a CHRISTIAN-Zionist, not a religious Jew. I posted my Orthodox Jewish friend's email to enlighten folk that there are many other Jews who are not liberal but rather conservative and patriotic.

    We believe Rabin was murdered by his own UNJewish clique. They are the UNJews who are selling out Israel, like kapos of compromise, and are inviting disaster upon the whole nation for their selfish purposes. They're nothing but political prostitutes and fascist EU pawns.

    Of course the Bible is written by humans - HUMAN INSTRUMENTS - stenographers of the Great Creator God who is able to influence His authors to write and accurately preserve HIS Word - or at least, whether you accept it or not, that's what faithful Jews and biblical Christians understand and believe. IF there's a Creator God, He's more than capable of transmitting His Message and ensuring we receive it just as He intended.

    The true terrorists, other than the Nazi-Muslims who revel in their blood orgy, are traitors like Shimon Peres. His name means VULTURE in Hebrew and it's right on target!
  8. Nov 23, 2003 #7
    Re: Christian-Zionist

    Thanks David,

    Can you specify your definition of UNJews. To us this is rather unclear. To you there is a lot of historical and religious logic behind that term, but at least myself need more insight to understand your arguments. Thanks.
  9. Nov 23, 2003 #8
    This is certainly a new twist...we normally only see propaganda posts like this from neo-Nazis.
  10. Nov 23, 2003 #9
    pelastration: There is a reason I didn't bother to read the whole post...
  11. Nov 23, 2003 #10
    Re: Re: Christian-Zionist

    A Jew (by birth only) who has sold out to the pagan UN/EU "ideals" of a one world government; who has enslaved himself to his German-Jesuit "superiors" and prostitutes himself in their service. Just like the kapos of compromise during WWII. The treacherous Jews who betrayed their own people. Every ethnic group has their own rot within.
  12. Nov 23, 2003 #11


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    Then let the good people of the world be proud to be Unjews, since unjews and unjews only hold any hope for eventual peace, and the sparing of billions of intolerance and bloodshed and slavery. Let me cry out - if these are what jews have been defined to be, then I am proud to be an anti-semite.

    (Note of course that the bible talks of the need for an one world government as well. Better burn that too...)
  13. Nov 23, 2003 #12
    Re: Re: Re: Christian-Zionist

    No, this is EXACTLY like the rhetoric of the KKK/neo-Nazi propaganda.
  14. Nov 24, 2003 #13
    Re: Christian-Zionist

    So, you are not a Jew by birth but you are a Christian-Zionist by religious believe. Correct?

    Is this also the line of thinking Biblic preachers like Pat Robertson go?
  15. Nov 24, 2003 #14


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    This has nothing to do with what's happening
    in the Israeli society ! I don't know where this
    dude came from and this is the first time that
    I've entered PF and saw this. The above opinions
    are the opinions of THE VERY EXTREME right and
    shared by no more than a few phousands in Israel,
    namely - some of the settlers. This group of people
    has engaged in some small yet active hostilities against
    Palestinians AND even the IDF. Their activities
    have also endangered IDF soldiers, interfered
    specificly with political issues by actions on
    the ground and included the murder of the Israeli
    PM Itzhak Rabin. They are a plaque for the IDF
    and for the security budget. They are being
    arrested time after time for illegal propoganda.
    These people are the second, though much smaller
    than the first, greatest obsticle for peace between
    Israel and the PA and as far as the MAJORITY of
    Israelis are concerned they should be locked up
    together with all the Palestinian terrorists and
    half of their leadership and someone should throw
    away the key.

    Zero/Greg I advise you to remove him from PF
    without delay, just like a science crackpot or
    an actual terrorist coming to preach here would be.

    Live long and prosper.
  16. Nov 24, 2003 #15
    THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT'S HAPPENING IN ISRAELI SOCIETY! Of course they are opinions: in truly democratic free countries opinions are permitted and encouraged. I trust Israel's Secret Police (GSS/Shabak) have patted you on the head for pushing CENSORSHIP and destruction of legal opposition. You're exhibit A of how undemocratic Israel has become under the godless Bolsheviks who look to the fascist EU/UN for instructions. The "Right-wing" in Israel are in their right mind while the Leftists continue to play out in Left field, tearing Israel down with their hateful measures that are the gravest danger to Israeli existence: dismantling the Jewish State for a Chamberlain "peace in our time;" demonizing Jewish PATRIOTS while praising terrorist "peace" partners; etc.

    There is growing evidence, believed by increasing number of Israelis and others worldwide, that Mr. Rabin (whom I've met) was MURDERED BY PERES' gang for no longer just following their EU New World orders. Israeli investigative author, Barry Chamish, has written WHO MURDERED YITZHAK RABIN, among other books that PROVES something isn't kosher about what happened to Rabin and was blamed on the "right-wing" to discredit them before seeking to destroy them, making biblical territories JUDENREIN! I encourage free thinking peoples to check out his book and come to their own conclusions. Justice shall prevail, as shall truth, no matter how much the fascist Leftists seek to suppress or destroy evidence or those who would boldly present it.
  17. Nov 24, 2003 #16


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    Staff: Mentor

    Ehh, I think his sort of extremism just adds balance to what we are seeing here.
  18. Nov 24, 2003 #17

    Watching Israel's Media: Freedom of speech in the dock

    Yisrael Medad and Eli Pollak
    Nov. 23, 2003

    What role does freedom of speech really play in Israel?

    One week after the High Court of Justice allowed the broadcast of the
    viciously anti-Israel pseudo-documentary Jenin, Jenin, representatives of the State Prosecutor's office appeared in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court to argue for the harshest sentences possible in the case of the non-licensed Arutz [Channel] 7 radio network.

    The prosecution asked for prison sentences for four defendants, including Shulamit Melamed; fines of hundreds of thousands of shekels for Rabbi Ze'ev Melamed, Ya'acov Katz, and Hagai Segal; and smaller fines for French department head David Shapira and broadcaster Gideon Sharon.

    The reasoning behind the request for such harsh sentences was that Arutz 7 had broadcast for over 15 years, and the defendants are "leaders" who must serve as an example.

    We should recall that not one plane fell from the sky due to Arutz 7's
    broadcast signal, nor was it ever proven that the signal interfered with Ben-Gurion Airport, as claimed by the authorities. Arutz 7 has
    conscientiously paid royalties to all songwriters, while Israel Radio's local stations have not for the past decade. Among the people who have had regular programs on Arutz 7 are chief rabbis, the Knesset Speaker, cabinet ministers, MKs, leading lawyers, professors, thinkers, and more.

    That the attorney-general and state prosecutor ignore almost 150 other
    non-licensed stations indicates that a very specific lesson is intended for the religious-nationalist camp. Part of that lesson, it would appear, is that Attorney-General Elyakim Rubinstein is willing to be lenient what it suits him and to behave otherwise when it doesn't. He has consistently declared that the less he involves the application of criminal procedure in matters of political divisiveness the better.

    For example, in the matter of the Wakf digs on Temple Mount, he received letters pointing out that the destruction of its archeological treasures was unlawful and violated, at the very least, the Antiquities Law and Law of Planning. His response was to do nothing in public.

    In a more recent instance, when it was claimed that Yossi Beilin was in direct violation of Paragraph 97 of the Penal Code in acting to extricate territory from Israel's sovereignty, he again insisted that this was an issue for public debate, not the courtroom.

    WHAT MAKES the case of Arutz 7 different? Is the Telegraph Law, which bans non-licensed radio stations, really that crucial to the state's legal fabric?

    We should not forget that as per the Oslo Accords, several radio broadcast channels were handed over to the Palestinian Authority. The performance of these stations has been undemocratic if not downright inciting. The IDF has even bombed these stations out of existence or knocked out their antennas. As far as we are aware, Arutz 7 has not been charged with any similar activities. So why all the fuss?

    The answer lies in the realization that the media, especially the electronic media which is for the most part free and easily available, is a pillar of society. The ability to affect society, shape its opinions, and provide it with information and the ability to choose these are the real powers of the media.

    To our regret, Israeli society is poorly served media-wise. The field is plagued by bias, political interference, journalistic unprofessionalism and a lack of pluralism. Israel does not have even one independent, private news outlet among its broadcast media. Army Radio and the Israel Broadcast Authority are governmental.

    The regional radio stations are not permitted to present their own news service. Channel 2 TV's news is run by its news company, which is
    government-controlled. Arutz 7 was the only truly private broadcaster of news in this country.

    The Telegraph Law is clearly an excuse for silencing an independent news outlet. What is really at issue is freedom of speech in its true sense. Had we been a truly liberal country, we would have found a way for Arutz 7 and its counterparts to continue broadcasting.

    The writers are, respectively, board member and chairman of Israel's Media Watch (IMW). info@imw.org.il

    http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull&cid [Broken]
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  19. Nov 24, 2003 #18


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    I think David Koresh ... er um ben Ariel ... goes a bit beyond what any of our resident left wingers do. I was hoping we'd all ignore him and he'd go away.

    [q]Of course the Bible is written by humans - HUMAN INSTRUMENTS - stenographers of the Great Creator God who is able to influence His authors to write and accurately preserve HIS Word - or at least, whether you accept it or not, that's what faithful Jews and biblical Christians understand and believe. IF there's a Creator God, He's more than capable of transmitting His Message and ensuring we receive it just as He intended.

    Any argument with him is pointless. He knows the will of God. He knows the truth. All who oppose him are dupes or lying conspirators in service of the bolshevic/fascist UN/EU.

  20. Nov 24, 2003 #19
    Thank you David,

    This is interesting and new information.
    I appreciate also that you stay in this last post on the level of providing information, instead of going on the real religious way.
  21. Nov 24, 2003 #20
    Re: Christian-Zionist

    Yes I understand but you have to admit that also other religions have their own human 'stenographers' which captured also similar messages. Now the believers of each religion believe that they are the only ones with the 'real and correct' message. Therefor it is in my opinion essential that we are tolerant to each others faith and respect the freedom of religion if we want to live in a peaceful world. Living after the full Ten Commandments or after 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 for non-religious people might be a good step for most of us because it are also moral rules in general.

    Especially #6: "You shall not murder" is important.

    Humans seem to have the tendency to look for excuses to kill others, but if all would respect also # 7 (You shall not commit adultery), # 8 (You shall not steal), #9__ (You shall hall not give false testimony against your neighbor) and # 10 (You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.) there will not be to much reasons to kill each other.
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