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Issue about electrocardiogram

  1. Dec 25, 2005 #1
    hello, i have this issue from our professor at uni ,and its title is:
    Two-electrode low supply voltage electrocardiogram signal amplifier

    so our professot asked us to do understand it in general and in details, but I nearly understand nothing (unfortunately :frown: ) even though i've tried so much...
    anyway , i want you to have a look because i really need your comments and thoughts about that subject and any suggestion or help will be very appreciated!

    i've uploaded it with rapidshare website.


    thanks in advance!
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    Hi EE. Since this is a homework assignment, could you maybe have it moved to the HW forum? Also, I don't like the website where you posted the schematic -- it looks too much like I need to sign up or something to download the file. Can you please just post a PDF here in the PF instead? Remember, you can download a free PDF writer from PrimoPDF.com.

    BTW, what is it you don't understand about the amplifier? Have you looked up precision high-impedance differential amplifiers anywhere? The diff amp (or instrumentation amp) configuration is what is usually used for ECG amps, because you need good common-mode rejection.
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