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Issue with 150W CFL

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    I'm actually a bit noob when it comes to electricity in a whole. So I've a big CFL 150w that runs on 220V but I can't find any adapter that fits in the "base of my bulb
    Would it be possible to get it running without it? How would you do it?
    (I live in europe so my electrical grid runs on 220V)
    Thanks in advance!
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    I have no idea what the bulb base or the holder looks like. No voltage conversion needed so it must be a simple adapter that either connects to the holder or has screws for wires etc.

    If you want to connect it to an already installed holder, get the adapter. Otherwise do not connect it.
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    Do a Google search for: lamp adapter european socket

    I get over 400 000 hits here in the USA.
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    The thing is, the socket is so large (35mm) I can't find any adapter for it!
    Wouldn't it be possible to directly connect the lamp to the greed with wires? Maybe a little dangerous but with the right isolation it wouldn't be a problem right?
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    If you have to ask, don't do it. Can you post pictures of the socket and bulb?
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    Or in Europe an E40, also called Goliath ES (ES= Edison Screw). I haven't been able to find an E35 size standard.
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    jim hardy

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    Mogul base sockets abound in industrial castoffs. My salvage yard gets plenty of old sodium vapor light fixtures with nice ceramic sockets .

    @francistm : An important note to you -
    if the terms ' Hot, Line, Neutral, Earth, Bonding, and Ground Fault ' are not familiar to you then get help from somebody who does know them before you attempt to wire a socket. Your local electrical supply house desk sales guys will know how it should be done. They can sell you a socket, too.

    In US "Hot" wire is black(color of the smoke that's in it), Neutral wire is white(current in that one has surrendered its energy), Earth/Bonding is green or bare. I don't know the Euro colors.

    You can build something that's very dangerous without knowing it. Are there tiny fingers in your household? Don't be too vain to ask for help.

    old jim
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