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Is't Fair?

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    I mean things happen in life. Is't fair that things happened in 2 years of college will destroy everything? I was aiming for a good Grad School. I feel crushed now, what do you think?
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    Take a deep breath. Then tell us what happened, so we can better help you. There are millions of choices out there, don't give up yet!
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    Do you mean is it fair that you happened to be born in an age and country in which you're almost guaranteed to live a happy, health life until you're 75 instead of a country in South Africa with an HIV infection rate of 25%?

    No. It's not fair.

    Don't stress the small stuff. (it's all small stuff)

    As said above, take a deep breath and gain some perspective.
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    I agree with Huckmank,

    People deal with much worse, my life was crushed, everything taken from me, and yet here I am still doing what I planned on doing before someone was reckless and broke my neck and yet they didn't have a scratch on them.

    Ever wake up and realize you can't move anything from your chest down at the age of 19 and hear someone say you'll never walk again?

    Or how about the extreme neurological pain when someone touches your skin or moves any of the hairs on your body it feels like a knife cutting through your skin?

    How crushed would your dreams seem then? When your not thinking about the future because your deciding if you still want to even stay alive let alone finish your schooling.

    Luckily I am walking again and have recovered exceptionally from where I started but I know several people who didn't.

    People who have to breathe through a machine and talk through typing the rest of their life, and yet they still went to grad school despite all their misfortunes.

    Is life unfair? Hell yes it is, feel lucky you don't deal with what other people have to deal with every day of their life.

    So before you think your life sucks or life is unfair, google all the side effects of what Spinal Cord Injury will do to your body and feel happy you can live a normal life.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh but it had to be said, I hear too many people complain about the littlest of things and can't believe its happening to them. I can't believe I'm not getting into my grad school of choice! ahh life is over!:uhh:
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    Math Is Hard

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    Very well said, Mr. Coffee.
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    It's natural to feel frustrated with life going south. Usually with experience of such things one will understand the more extreme cases, and make your own situation seem insignificant. You just have to deal with it, sort things out and go from there.

    I could write a whole book about why my life was so unfair. I'm sure it would move a tear in some people's eyes, but so what? What happened happened.

    Good luck.
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    Life is unfair. The sooner you come to grips with this, the happier you will be.
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    You know, you can always retake your undergraduate degree if you really want to go to grad school.
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    Thanks guys. You're right mr_coffee and huckmank. I can't add anything.
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    Just so you feel better. I worked tech support and delivered pizzas until I was 25 and decided to go to school. I went to CC for 1 1/2 years and then transfered into a top 10 engineering program. I'm on track to get my BS at 30 :bugeye: and my JD at 33! So try not to feel too down on yourself, it's never too late to recover and do well. Maybe you could do your MS at a less prestigious dept, excel and then apply to do your Ph.D. at a more highly regarded university.
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    Wow. You are strong.
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    Thanks! I hope the best for all of you!
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