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It Came from Wasilla

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    Ivan Seeking

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    If I hadn't already thought that McCain was a jack***, Palin sealed the deal for me. She was just scary. I'd rather have had Bingo Bob as VP.

    I finally got to the episode of West Wing where they announced John Spencer had died. That was sad, I had no idea. His laboured breathing had always bothered me though.
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    She was scary. And Ivan, do you really want to raise hell here in this thread because that is what will happen :biggrin:
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    The only reason Alaska belongs to the US ? The only reason people noticed Palin in the first place ?
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    Or maybe you meant moose.
    Did you mean moose?
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    It's Russia, silly. The US bought Alaska from the Russkies, and Palin keeps a watchful eye on them so they don't invade and take it back.
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