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IT Certification

  1. Jan 29, 2008 #1
    I start my B Science majoring in physics in March. I have six months off work but in June I have to go back to work. I work as a driver at night. I will continue to study during the day part-time or whatever I can handle and balance with work.

    I also want to pursue IT certification. I have a bent towards web development. What IT certifications would an employer of an older guy (40+) consider worthwhile. I plan to start with A+ and helpdesk. Then after that I don't know what to shoot for. What computer support skills would a science lab, for instance, need? And what IT certifications would best represent those skills?

    My degree will keep me busy enough but I'd like to leave my driving job (though it has great pay and hours) if I can find more stimulating work.
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