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It doesn't make sense

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    (move this to my other question please)
    As Einstein said that time slows down relative to velocity and he also said that all frames are equally important, then how is the following correct.

    If I were in a rocket travelling away from earth at a distance of V and the earth was the frame of reference, I would be movinig away at a higher speed and therefor my time would be going slower. But, if the rocket was the frame of reference then the earth would be moving at a speed of V (where both V's equal the same number). So, in relation to the rocket as the frame, the earths time is slowing down so the times even out and become locked, indefinately, so time doesnt slow down at all. This is proven by Einsteins own thought. So time never slows down as it just depends on the frame.
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    there are dozens and dozens of this same question....do a search for many discussions here . ..TWIN PARADOX....should turn up many.

    It is the frame that undergoes accelerated motion which is the "slow" one.....the frames are not equal.
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    This is broadly correct. But both frames could accelerate and still show a time difference when they get back together. It's not the acceleration per se that causes the differential proper times.
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