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IT guy for a major company?

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    Alright, I've always had a fascination with computers, as I'm sure many people out there have. My question is, what should I major in while in college so that when I graduate, I have the ability to do anything from designing video games, to being an IT guy for a major company? At the moment I'm planning on Computer Engineering, should I stick with that, or should I alter my plans?
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    Computer Engineering is probably your best bet...

    However, if you really want to know HOW a computer works and not just WHAT a computer can do... go for a degree in Electrical Engineering with focus in Digital Electronics or Computing...

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    That's the other major I was thinking about, but which would be better for what I want to do? (Stated in post #1)
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    Check with the school that you are planning on attending to see if they have a dual degree program in those areas. My university had dual degrees in a couple of different areas. It added anywhere from a year to year and a half, but it meant having two degrees when you were done.
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    I don't know... trying to double major in 2 challenging engineering fields will be very difficult.
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    For what you stated... IT guy or computer game designer...

    I'd definitely go with Computer Engineering.

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    If you want to design computer games or do IT work, you will have absolutely no use for a computer engineering degree -- you want a pure computer science degree. If you want to be able to design digital logic, design processors, or otherwise build or analyze hardware, then you want a computer engineering degree. If you want to work with analog electronics, power, radio, or other such technologies, you want an electrical engineering degree.

    In many schools, electrical and computer engineering are not much different. Generally, fields and power classes are swapped out for programming classes, but the core of the degrees is often the same. Computer science is quite different, however, and is closer to mathematics than either of the engineering degrees.

    - Warren
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