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IT project

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    Some one please answer the following questions for me. I am supposed to interview an IT person. Its a project that i have to complete. Since i dont know, anyone in IT thats why i am posting these questions here. I will appreciate it, thanks.

    PHASE ONE: “THE INTERVIEW” Talk to an employee in an Information Systems (IS) Department at your organization or school, or interview a family member, friend or acquaintance who works in an IS Department. Find out the following information:

    q Is the employee a programmer, systems analyst, computer operator, computer specialist or supervisor?

    q Does the person support internal users, external users or both users?

    q What kinds of computer equipment does the person work with? (i.e. hardware, software, peripherals, networks, information)

    q What purpose does the computer system(s) serve in the organization? What tasks does it perform? Who uses the output from the system(s)?

    q Do any users or applications present difficult problems for him or her as a technical support person?

    q What types of applications do end users work with most frequently in their jobs?

    q What was the relationship between the computer professions and the end users of the information?

    q Does the organization have a Help Desk operation in use? If so, how much did it cost? If not, how much would they pay for the software?

    q How many employees does the company have?

    q How many Information technology experts does the company have?

    q Identify the different types of end users. Who are the end users? Where are they located? How do they use computers in a business or home environment?

    q What computer technology problems do they have in their company?

    q What common end users problems and solutions do they have in their company?

    q Do they have a Help Desk setup?

    q What are the duties and responsibilities of the computer user support? (position within the information technology area)

    q How do you rate your the customer service in the Information technology environment? Is their room for improvement?

    q What do they look for in staffing the Help desk?

    q What process does the company use to evaluate and select computer products including applications?

    q How much training is available to the employees? Does everyone go at the same time?

    q What kind of user documentation is required or used?

    q What kind of skills is needed to start working in the Help Desk operations?

    q Ask any other questions that come to mind.
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